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Aka.ms/accountsettings: A member of the Microsoft forums asked for help altering Minecraft the privacy aka.ms/account settings. I decided to address this question here to make it easier for the majority of Minecraft players who have this problem.

Aka.ms accountsettings

What is that notification?

Minecraft has stated in their manual ” There are many things you’ll need to accomplish before we allow kids the ability to play online or multiplayer.”

The company also said additional information, “The account will need to be connected to Xbox Clubs, multiplayer, and online communication before playing, and Xbox Live Gold to play any multiplayer. 

It is also recommended to check that your accounts have been upgraded with a new payment method.”

What is aka.ms/accountsettings?

Microsoft account holders can monitor and set age restrictions on linked child accounts using aka.ms/accountsettings. This code can be applied to Minecraft games for Xbox, PS5, and PS4 as well as Windows 10/11 and PC.

Aka.ms accountsettings

The ability to alter MS the privacy setting of your account can safeguard minors from adult-oriented content. Parents can also limit who their children can communicate with and interact online with.

In particular, parents can modify the privacy settings on their online accounts to their children’s accounts:

  • Access to multi-players
  • Online communication
  • Signing up for Xbox Clubs

MS users can rest assured that aka.ms/accountsettings has security protocols to protect user data and keep third-party users at bay.

Why Does the Aka.ms/accountsettings Error Occur?

The primary reason players may experience the account settings error while playing a Minecraft game is trying to join a game online alongside a partner. 

This error is caused when there’s a glitch in the settings for the privacy of the settings of your Minecraft Microsoft account and almost only affects child accounts that belong to children less than 18 years old.

It’s more common in the case of accounts that are connected to an account of a parent which may be limiting some of the options. The error message is an indicator that there’s an issue with privacy settings that need to be addressed.

The exact words used in the error might differ however every variation will take users to the defunct website address.

The solution of aka.ms/accountsettings Problem

  1. Log in to https://account.xbox.com/settings with the parent Microsoft account.
  2. Click on the account of the child’s profile.

Aka.ms accountsettings

  1. Select the “Xbox One/Windows 10 Online” tab and then select ” allow” to ” Join multiplayer games” Only then “You can start and join clubs”

Aka.ms accountsettings

  1. To allow chat with people not in the person’s friend list, they’ll need to click on privacy, and select “others are able to communicate.” …”

Steps to Fix Minecraft Privacy Error on Xbox/Windows 10 PC

If you encounter this Minecraft privacy error take these steps to modify your child’s settings on the primary MS account:

  1. Log into and remove yourself from your Microsoft account on any device.
  2. Then restart the Minecraft game.
  3. Sign back into your MS account on your device.

Once you have restarted the game you can try connecting with your friend’s Realm. If multiplayer gaming does not work, you should adjust the settings for your Microsoft security settings (chat or multiplayer Clubs, multiplayer):

  1. To change privacy settings on your Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or PC, visit https://account.xbox.com/settings to check your Microsoft account settings.
  2. Log in to the parent’s primary Microsoft account, and then go through the verification process.
  3. Click on the child’s page (Minor’s GT) and then go towards Privacy and Online security.
  4. Go to for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 devices Online Safety tab. The settings you can adjust under this tab are also available for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4.
  5. Others can communicate with Voice and Text, or Send Invites to everyone or Friends. Choose to Allow for ‘You can join and create clubs’ and join multiplayer games. After that, click submit in order to store the configurations.
  6. Under the child’s profile page, select the birth date so that they’re over the age of 18.

Adjusting these privacy settings and date of birth should remove the aka.ms/accountsettings on Xbox or PC. It is now possible to play Minecraft with the account of your child without limitations.

Take note that if you own an Xbox One, then you might need to alter the initial configuration. We’ve got a complete guide for Aka.ms/XBoxSetup and what settings you can use.

How to Fix the Error on PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch.

If you play Minecraft using PS4, PS5 or Nintendo Switch You will require a Microsoft account to play crossplay. This is due to the fact that Microsoft bought the game’s developer, Mojang, and has attempted in bringing all accounts into accordance with each other so as to protect users’ privacy and security.

Once you have your account, the aka.ms/accountsettings error is most likely to show up if you attempt to join a friend’s Realm and your account has not been set up properly. However, instead of using the web address provided in the error message, you should instead visit the Xbox account settings page at: https://account.xbox.com/settings.

Once you’ve signed into the account that you’d like control, this platform will immediately assign the account an Xbox Gamertag.

This will also apply to any accounts that are connected to the primary account. When you adjust settings, those marked as if they’re intended specifically for Xbox 360 should also apply to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. 

Be sure that the settings within the section you are in the way you’d like them after which you can go to the ‘Xbox One/Windows 10, Online tab.

From there, check that your settings to join Multiplayer Game and ‘You Can Create as well as Join Clubs’ are set to allow. Also, make sure that the ‘Others can communicate with Text, Voice, or Invites setting is on “All’ or “Friends Based on your preference.

Similar to the Xbox warning, the error is usually linked to your birth date in your account. If you’ve accidentally created it in a way that shows you as not being over 18 years old You should change the setting. Alternately, you can make a brand new Microsoft account using the date of birth that puts you over the age.

After your settings have been changed after which you can start Minecraft and you are now allowed to join the Realm. If you’re experiencing issues, check out the troubleshooting suggestions in the following section for additional assistance.

Also Check:

aka.ms/accountsettings Error – Minecraft

As stated, minors generally encounter privacy issues in Minecraft when they attempt to connect to their friend’s Realm. If a player is younger than 18 years old the account will be limited access to the primary MS account.

It means the child’s account using the account of a child is blocked from certain games and websites.

Instead of redirecting to the player’s intended page, the aka.ms/accountsettingsprivacy notice will appear.

It will prompt the user to modify the privacy settings of their account to permit multiplayer gaming as well as joining an Xbox Club. If you wish to view or send messages in-game on Minecraft it is necessary to allow voice communication or text to everyone or just for your friends.

How to fix aka.ms/accountsettings if not working?

It is possible that your Microsoft profile and your privacy preferences could prevent you from accessing certain websites and games frequently. 

This can cause delays and lags while playing your favorite games. Many reasons are responsible for this issue however, you don’t have to be concerned as you can swiftly resolve the issue.

If you play Minecraft with the MS accounts on an Xbox and are unable to use certain features of the game because of changes to your account or the privacy setting, then all you need to do is follow the guideline carefully to fix the issue.

  • The first step is to check the version of Minecraft you are currently playing. It must be not a beta version, as nearly all realms are playable on this version.
  • If you do not have this version, quit the game immediately and upgrade the version.
  • Another method that may aid you is to examine the speed of your Internet connection. You must ensure that you have a reliable connection because often it’s your internet connection that could be a source of the problem.
  • Make sure you customize your router manually and configure it with NAT.
  • If you’ve installed security software for your antivirus, the program won’t permit you to play the game. Therefore you must ensure that no other external elements interfere with your gameplay.
  • To increase the speed of your internet and connection, utilize an Ethernet cable in lieu of Wi-Fi.
  • Try restarting the realm in order to make it run faster than it did previously, which is a practical solution to any issue.

Microsoft settings and privacy

Logging in with an account with your Microsoft account to access the new device or application doesn’t mean you need to enter your account details over and over again. When you sign in to your MS account using a new device or mobile application, it instantly syncs with all settings that you’ve created within your account up to the date.

  • If you wish to change the settings of your Microsoft account on Xbox the Xbox, one Microsoft account on any device is enough to update the settings and sync everything instantly, without having to change the settings of your account on each other devices or applications on its own.
  • In the same way, if you’d like to change the picture on your MS profile picture on your account changing it with one MS account is enough to allow this change on all synced devices.
  • Microsoft settings permit rapid changes and customization. The programs that make use of your MS account are secure and safe because they must adhere to the privacy and security measures that are set up within your personal Microsoft account.
  • To gain access to additional options and control within your account, navigate to the settings of your device and click on the button for your account. The button lets you make any changes you’d like to make.
  • This is how one’s credentials and programs are connected to each other in the end.

Microsoft has gone the extra mile to make sure that your information is safe from untrusted hosts. This means that anyone else will never have an account. Only you have the ability to access your account any time you’d like to. Microsoft is able to do this by breaking up the information into chunks of random information and making sure that the information is secure at all times.


That’s just it and hopefully error you’re facing Minecraft aka.ms/accountsettings, will resolve. If you’ve experienced any errors in the process, or later please let me know in the comment section below.

Aka.ms/accountsettings FAQ

How to change aka.ms account settings?

Change your account settings are possible with just one mouse click ( Change my Microsoft Settings) The button will open the account settings of Microsoft that allows you to modify your settings according to the need. Make sure you save the changes prior to closing the page.

Is it possible to connect my Xbox account with my aka.ms account?

If you want to connect your Xbox with your MS account, open your browser and type https://account.xbox.com/, which will ultimately open up your Xbox account’s settings option. This will sync the two accounts.

Does aka.ms keep my data safe?

Yes. As we mentioned in the previous piece, aka.ms strictly follows the security protocols for online use to ensure your information is safe and secure. Aka.ms will not permit anyone other than you to access your account in a random manner.

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