– Find your Bitlocker Recovery Key [2022] – If your system asks you to provide your BitLocker Recovery key, this information could help you locate the recovery key you have and help you learn why you might be asked to supply it.

Https:// is Microsoft’s Bitlocker Recovery Key help page. It is available within the blue Bitlocker Recovery screen. However, it’s not very detailed and doesn’t offer solutions to the most commonly encountered issues.

Therefore, we have made this page to help. For a detailed Microsoft guide for specialists, please see recoverykeyfaq

What is my BitLocker recovery key?

A bitLocker Recovery key is a unique 48-digit number password that you can use to unlock your system if BitLocker cannot verify that the access request to the system drive has been authorized.

Find your Bitlocker Recovery Key

What is the BitLocker recovery key ID?

This is the BitLocker recovery key identifier, and it recognizes the hard drive that you are trying to encrypt/unlock. If the Bitlocker recovery key ID matches the one on your drive, you can open it.
If the recovery key ID doesn’t match the one on your drive, you will be asked for the right Bitlocker recovery key to open your drive.

Why is Windows asking for my BitLocker recovery key?

BitLocker is the Windows encryption technology that shields your data from unauthorized access by encrypting your drive and needing one or more forms for authentication before it can let you access it.

Windows will require the use of a BitLocker recovery key whenever it detects a potential unauthorized attempt to access the information. This is an extra security measure designed to protect your data and protected.

This could also occur if you modify your hardware, firmware, or even software that BitLocker cannot discern from an attack.

In such cases, BitLocker may require additional protection of the key, even if the user is the legitimate owner of the gadget. This will ensure that the person attempting to access the data is legally authorized.

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Where can I find my BitLocker recovery key?

BitLocker ensured that the recovery key was secured before activating the protection. There are a variety of places where your recovery key could be, based on the selection made during the activation of BitLocker:

In your Microsoft account: Log into Your Microsoft account on a different device to access your recovery code. If you own a modern device that has encryption of devices automatically, the recovery key will likely be stored in your Microsoft account. For more information, refer to the device encryption feature on Windows.

NOTE: If the device was set up or BitLocker security was enabled by a different user, The recovery key could be located in the account of the user’s Microsoft account.

On a printout: You might have printed your backup key after BitLocker became active. Check where you store important documents that are connected to your PC.

On a USB flash drive: Connect your USB flash drive to the locked computer and follow the directions. If you have saved your key in text files on the flash drive, you can use another computer to read this text file.

In an Azure Active Directory account: Suppose your device ever registered with an organization with a school or work email account. In that case, your recovery key might be stored in the Azure AD account associated with the device. You might be able to access it via the internet or speak with a system administrator to access the recovery keys.

Held by your system administrator: If your computer is linked to an organization (usually an educational or work device), you can ask an administrator to provide you with the recovery key.

How was BitLocker activated on my device?

Here are three ways to use BitLocker to begin protecting your device:

  • The device you are using is a contemporary device that meets the requirements to enable automatic device encryption. Your BitLocker keys for recovery are saved automatically in your Microsoft Account before activating the protection.
  • The administrator or owner of your device has activated BitLocker security (also known as device encryption for some devices) via using the Settings App or Control Panel: In this instance, the person who activated BitLocker chose the location to save the key as well (in the instance of encryption on devices) it was saved automatically into the user’s Microsoft accounts.
  • A school or work company that manages the device (currently and in the past) activated BitLocker security for your gadget: In this case, the company may have your BitLocker recovery code.

BitLocker is activated only via or on behalf of an individual with full access to the administrative aspects of your device, regardless of whether it is you, a different individual, or an organization that manages the device. The BitLocker installation process requires the creation of a recovery key before the moment of activation.

It is very important if your device is unable to find the required BitLocker recovery key and cannot reverse the change and configuration that could have caused it to be needed. You’ll have to restart your computer with any Windows Recovery options. A reset of your computer will erase all of your data.

Why is Windows asking for my BitLocker recovery key?

BitLocker is a Windows encryption technology. Windows will ask for a BitLocker recovery key when Windows sees an insecure connection or possible threat. Changes in hardware, firmware, or software can result in a situation where BitLocker cannot see the difference between a legit software/hardware change and a possible attack. BitLocker may then ask for the Bitlocker recovery key to confirm that it is an authorized user of a device trying to unlock it.





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