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XResolver Xbox

XResolver Xbox: People have been just as likely to play console games online as they have been to play on other platforms. It lets people make friends and talk to each other while they play games. It also helps make matches that are healthy and competitive. Most people who play a game do so under a Gamertag or alias.

So, you might have been curious about who your opponent or ally was. Most people use xResolver, which is a website tool, to do this. In this guide, we’ll explain what xResolver is and what other tools you can use instead.

XResolver Xbox
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How does xResolver work?

xResolver is an online service that turns Xbox and PlayStation users’ Gamertags and player IDs into an IP format that can be read. It’s also known as a PlayStation resolver or an Xbox resolver. It’s basically a database that scrapes information about players, like their IP address, alias, and ISP.

It does this by searching for private information using complex algorithms. Even though it might be helpful sometimes, it can also make your identity public online, which others can use to their advantage. xResolver promises its users the following:

People say that the information that was taken is public and can be seen online legally. How it is used, though, is up to the people who use it.

You’ll have to pay a certain fee to get your Gamertag taken off the website’s database or blacklisted.

7 Best xResolver Xbox Alternatives

As you may already know, xResolver has some major problems that can have a direct effect on your online identity. Here are some safer alternatives to xResolver that do the same things. Most of them will cost you money, but there are a few that won’t.

1. Lanc Remastered PCPs

Lanc Remastered PCPs is an open-source application for monitoring networks and sniffing packets. It gets IP addresses from Xbox Live and PlayStation Network gaming sessions and stores them as “Gamertags” in their database.

It is an easy-to-use platform with a community that talks to each other. You can use it as a resolver to look up the Gamertag or alias of a certain player in their database. Also, Lanc Remastered PCPs is a free tool that most browsers can use.

2. Xboxresolver

Xboxresolver is another free web tool that can get an IP address from an Xbox Live Gamertag. When you enter a player’s Gamertag, you’ll see information about them online, like their IP address, location, username, and ISP.

But some users have said that this site has problems, like slow loading times. If you see this, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser’s cache.

3. Xboxonebooter

Xboxonebooter is a web service that is similar to xResolver. It is known as one of the few free IP booters, IP pullers, and IP grabbers that work both online and offline. It also has options for VPN for Xbox.

The website also gives step-by-step instructions on how to find the IP address of an online player and kick them out of the game. It has many tools that can get a player’s geolocation, username, and other online information.

4. PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter is a tool that is a lot like XboxOneBooter. The same people who made the Xbox web tool also made this one for the PS4. It grabs, pulls, and boots the IP addresses of PlayStation Network players. It also tells users how to boot other online players and why a VPN is important on a PS4.

5. OctoSniff

OctoSniff is an IP sniffer that works with different Xbox and PlayStation console models. It works by separating packets and decrypting the usernames that go with them. You can get packets from different Xbox games and link IP addresses to usernames in PlayStation games with this tool.

You can try out OctoSniff for free, but if you want to use all of its features, you’ll have to pay for the Pro version. Click this link for more information about prices.

6. ConsoleSniffer

ConsoleSniffer is a tool for researching and keeping an eye on networks. It works as an IP puller and doesn’t require jailbreaking. Moreover, It only works for most games with more than two players and is compatible with Windows.

It finds a player’s IP address, location, and ISP, just like the other tools above. Furthermore, ConsoleSniffer is only $20 to download and use, and you can get paid with credit cards, Bitcoin, or PayPal. It works with most Xbox and PlayStation consoles and VPNs.


XboxReplay is an online tool that is also free and open source. You can find Gamertags in its database by using its web search tool. You can also use the site to find clips and screenshots of your Xbox that have been shared online. It doesn’t have any ads and lets you watch, share, and download game DVR content.

Once the site has found the Gamertag you want, it will show you its IP address, country, city, and ISP.


Most Xbox and PS4 users choose to use IP grabbers like xResolver by default. Even though it’s fun to get to know your fellow players through these apps and sites, putting your own online information out there can get you into trouble.  For More Information Visit: aka-ms-mcmultiplayerhelp.info

So, this guide should help you understand what xResolver is and what other options you have. When using these tools, you should always remember to be careful.






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