How to make a server in Minecraft – 2023🎲

How to make a server in Minecraft: Minecraft is one of the largest gaming communities ever, with over 130 million monthly active users. It also provides limitless opportunities for an entirely multiplayer experience.

You and your buddies may connect online to explore the Minecraft biological worlds together. You may also compete in the best Minecraft map adventure games. It’s only feasible if you can run a Minecraft server from your PC.

How to make a server in Minecraft

In reality, by following the proper set of recommendations, practically anybody who uses a PC can set up a Minecraft server in just a few simple steps. In this lesson, we’ll concentrate on the Java version.

Users of Minecraft Bedrock can go to their server configuration instructions or set up a free internet-based Minecraft server. You may create an online Minecraft server with Java Edition by following the step-by-step instructions.

Host a Minecraft Java Server (2023)

Let’s first examine what a Minecraft server is and its prerequisites. To proceed directly to the next phase, use the table below if you’re eager to follow the instructions.

What is a Minecraft Server?

The Minecraft server is a customized Minecraft environment where other players may play, compete, and form relationships. They can be run by private persons, businesses, and the community.

If you want to set up the server online for a small number of people, your machine is capable of doing the work. For commercial use, however, it is important to have powerfully specialized hardware in order to test the Minecraft server’s boundaries.

In the game’s online environment, different customizations are available, ranging from texture packs to the most popular Minecraft skins. Additionally, you may produce a distinctive experience for your gamers by utilizing the most effective Minecraft seeds and the most spectacular modifications.

In addition to hosting, the internet server provides administrative features. You may manage practically every aspect of the game, from the weather to the spawn rate of enemies. However, before you feel overwhelmed, consider the hosting server requirements.

Requirements to Host a Minecraft Server

If Minecraft 1.18 is already installed on your computer, the system requirements may not be too stringent. Based on the most recent version of the game, we recommend the following specifications for operating a server with four to six players:

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • 2GBs RAM or more
  • A reliable internet connection, with 5 MB/sec or higher speed for internet
  • A sufficient power supply to power the PC for as long as the server is online.

Keep in mind that in general, Minecraft can only transport between 100 and 150 MB of data per hour via an unmodified server. As a result, you might host it on PCs with lower specs and slower internet connections.

This is only true for simple Minecraft environments with low server activity. By visiting the Minecraft Wiki you may go deeper into the specifics.

You may also ask folks you know to operate a server if they have more complex requirements. If you want to do it all yourself, you can learn how to make your own Minecraft server.

How to Create a Minecraft Server in Java Edition

Ensure you are using the most recent version of Minecraft Java Edition before you begin. Typically the game launcher will continue to update the game as long as you have a stable internet connection. Let’s start.

Update your Java Version

If you want your server to operate efficiently it must utilize the most recent version of Java. Follow these simple steps to install the newest version of Java on your computer.

Start the menu by pressing the Windows key followed by “Configure Java” After the search is complete select the top result and launch the “Configure Java” program by clicking on it. If “Configure Java” does not appear in the search results, which is unlikely, then you may get the most recent version from Oracle’s website by visiting this link.

How to make a server in Minecraft

2. Navigate to the “Update” tab under the Java control panel. Click “Update Now” in the bottom right corner of the window. The “Update now” button may be found in the lower-left corner.

How to make a server in Minecraft

3. Within the pop-up box that displays, click the “Update” button.

How to make a server in Minecraft

4. The program will then prompt you to uninstall all versions of Java. If you do not know which other software on your computer uses Java, you can leave the Java version alone. Follow the ” Update ” button with the ” Install ” button. The program will load and execute the most recent version of Java. Java.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Download Minecraft Server File

Every released version of Minecraft, including beta upgrades, has its own servers. For the most recent update, it is time to visit the official Minecraft server website and download the server file by clicking “Minecraft server.1.18.1.jar.”

The file’s name may vary based on the version being used. Your browser may notify you of its nature. If this is the case, you must choose “Keep” when prompted to save the file.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Set Up Commands to Run the Server

Once the Minecraft server file has been downloaded, it is time to ready it for hosting. This is how.

1. Create a new text document by right-clicking and selecting “Text Document” from your computer’s context menu. Ensure that you are doing these actions in the same location as the downloaded server file.

How to make a server in Minecraft

2. Open this new file by clicking it. Then, then type in the next command:

java -Xmx2048M -Xms2048M -jar minecraft_server.1.18.1.jar nogui


You can remove the “nogui” element if you want the server’s graphical user interface.

3. “2048” within the code “2048” in the code shows the minimum (Xms) and maximum (Xmx) amount of RAM that the server is able to consume. It is editable according to your requirements.

Ensure that the name of your file in the code (before there is no GUI) matches the name of your downloaded “.jar” file. Next, choose “save as” and save the file with the name “start.bat” and “All Files” selected in the file type area. It is essential to save it in the same folder as the server’s files.

How to make a server in Minecraft

4. After saving the start.bat file, double-click it. Within a few minutes, the server folder will have a number of new files added to it once the file opens the command prompt window. When it is done, a EULA error message will appear.

How to make a server in Minecraft

5. Before moving further with the procedure, you must ultimately acknowledge and read the EULA rules. Locate and open your server directory’s eula.txt file in order to achieve this. You’ll see that the word “false” is typed above the EULA in this file. Change it to “true” and then save the document.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Host Minecraft Server on Your Windows PC

Once your EULA file has been saved, you’ll require the initial launch start. Double-clicking it will reveal additional details. The installation of the server file in the prompt will start with this. Depending on your internet speed and your computer’s characteristics, it usually takes 2-4 minutes.

How to make a server in Minecraft

The “pause” function that was built into the start.bat file will be triggered and the command shut down at the end of the installation procedure. After that, you may scroll up to look for any settings errors.

The Minecraft Java server is running if there are no issues. To find out what additional game choices are accessible to utilize the server, type “help” and press Enter.

Even after you’ve finished playing, be careful to keep this Command prompt window open. When shutting down the server, you may use “stop” in the command prompt to save your progress before exiting the window.

Test Your Minecraft Server

You’ll see that your Minecraft Java server ought to be active at this time. In order to test your just built Minecraft server Take these actions:

1. Launch Minecraft using the launcher. If the game isn’t already running the most recent version, it will be updated. The main page of the game will have a “Multiplayer” option when it first launches. Toggle it.

How to make a server in Minecraft

2. After that, the game starts looking for nearby servers on your computer. If your server is not listed after a few minutes, just click the “Add Server” option on the bottom right side of the screen to establish a manual connection.

How to make a server in Minecraft

3. You may enter whatever server name you like or leave it blank. You enter “localhost” or “0” without the quotation marks in the server address field, then click “Done” to save the server details.

How to make a server in Minecraft

4. The list of available servers will include the Minecraft server you created. Multiple servers can be created and added in the same manner. Click the “Join Server” button after choosing your server’s username to launch it.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Make Yourself a Server Operator

Let’s give you full control over your game so you can start playing on the new server when we do that. Return to the command prompt and type “op username” to do this. Your Minecraft username will be the same as the username.

Press Enter to begin the procedure after that. You will have administrative control over the server after processing is complete. In this role, you have complete authority over every command in Minecraft that may be used to change the game’s settings, mode, and much more.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Invite Friends to Join Your Minecraft Java Server

They can join the game in the same way you did if your friends use the same network as you. They only need to go to the multiplayer section of the game and register to join local host servers.

Using the same WiFi or LAN network to access the Internet while connected to the local network. You get the lowest latency possible thanks to this on the internet. Minecraft knowledge.

But when we try to link distant internet acquaintances to Minecraft, things might get more challenging. the Minecraft server. But don’t worry; we have simplified this difficult section into manageable parts. Let’s get going.

Get your System Port Settings Ready

The System Port is the connection method other players use to connect to your server’s online servers via Minecraft. The fundamentals are the initial step in starting with the basics.

You can modify this port’s initial identification code, which is “25565,” in the server’s properties. So, in order to provide users access to your Minecraft server, you must add this port number in your router.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Even though it might appear simple, each router manufacturer has a unique procedure for opening the port for the system that goes by a different name.

It would be difficult to discuss them all here. However, can help you through the Port Forwarding or QoP settings. Almost all of the popular WiFi routers are covered.

Enter Basic Server Details

All you have been doing is hitting the “add service” or “create new” or a similar button on the ports settings page of your router. After that, you may enter the required information to access the different network-related facts.

How to make a server in Minecraft

The field names must be the same, regardless of layout or style. If you’re unsure, leave the optional fields in the same format. Follow these guidelines for the remaining fields.

  • Name of the Server/Service/Port: Minecraft Server
  • Starting Port: 25565
  • Stop Port 25565
  • Services Types: TCP/UDP

The start and end ports may also have maximum and minimum ranges. In each of these fields, you may enter the same number: 25565.

Enter the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for the server.

Your server’s IP address is identical to your computer’s IPv4 address. These procedures are required to determine both the IPv4 and IPv6 address.

1. Start the Command Prompt by entering ” cmd ” and choosing it from the Start menu. You may also use the Win + R keyboard shortcut to launch the Run prompt, followed by cmd to launch the command prompt.

How to make a server in Minecraft

2. Next, enter “ipconfig /all” into the Command prompt on your computer. The command will display both your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on the display.

The same address may be used in the port forwarding settings’ Server IP Address section. This will provide your server a new, public IP address, enabling both you and your visitors to connect to it without disclosing any personal information.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Find and Share Your Public IP Address

It is time to unwind. The tutorial’s challenging section is over. You must now access Google and enter “what is my IP.” Your IP address will appear in the search results as public, therefore you’ll need to provide your friends with that IP address so they may join your server.

How to make a server in Minecraft

Your public IP address must now be copied (select it and press CTRL+C), then shared with others. Then, when they construct the multiplayer server in the same manner that we did in the tutorial, they need to replace localhost with it.

In this manner, you and your friends may now play Minecraft together on your own server.

Errors While Making a Minecraft Server

Even just creating a Minecraft server is a huge undertaking. When there are a few unplanned errors made along the way, it might be harder. Fortunately, I’ve run across several of these problems myself and have quickly resolved them all. I’m hoping your experience building a server will go more easily than mine did.

JNI Errors

When utilizing your server.jar file, which we obtained from the official website, you can see the first issue. In the event that the prompt to start the server doesn’t work, a different variation of this error message may be displayed to suit your needs.

Fortunately, updating Java resolves the bulk of JNI problems. If you experience problems with the automatic update, you may manually upgrade Java and download it from this website.

EULA Error

Since Minecraft incorporated the EULA mistake on purpose, it isn’t technically an error. The first time you open the server.jar file, though, you’ll have to deal with it. The issue has an easy fix.

You must go to the eula.txt file in your server folder and replace “false” with “true” to confirm that you have accepted the EULA consent. like we previously done.

Stuck at Scanning for Games in Minecraft

When you are in your multiplayer windows, it is conceivable that you will have problems locating Minecraft servers due to your Internet or for any other reason. The search goes on for a while without producing any results.

Most people can let things go, and that’s okay. Use the “add server” “add server” button to manually load the server using the server’s IP address if you’re sick of waiting, though. This problem may be fixed by restarting the game.

Failed to Login: Invalid Session

It’s a common Minecraft issue that might happen to you and your friends. It indicates that Minecraft is unable to both recognize and register your user name with the server you are attempting to connect to. To fix the issue, the creators advise restarting the game.

The best course of action is to exit Minecraft, however, it could work for some people. Even though your server is running, when you log in again, the username will be entered. Therefore, your invalid session will become legitimate.

Firewall or Connectivity Errors

Fundamental connection faults are, in the end, the most critical of all Minecraft server issues. Since the firewall occasionally prevents users from connecting to the Minecraft server, each of them is a result of the firewall or antivirus settings.

You must add a firewall exception for your Minecraft server in order to prevent this problem. This is how:

You must then launch “Windows Defender Firewall” by looking for it on the Start menu. To start it off, choose it.

2. Next, navigate to Then, pick “New rule” from the left-hand panel’s “New rule” option on the right, and then click on the Inside Rules section. Be advised that in order to complete the operation from this point forward, you will need to repeat these steps for outbound rules and Outbound Rules.

3. Select “Port” on the new rule screen. Select the port choice, then select “Next.”

4. You have the option to select either in place of UDP, but doing so will need you to go through the rule-making procedure again. Enter the port number for your server, which will be 25565 by default, in the port column. Next, select next.

5. After that, the app will inquire as to the circumstances in which it should permit a connection. Here, you must choose the “Allow the Connection” option before moving further.

6. Finally, you must decide when to enable connections. Therefore, simply choose all of the available options and press “Next.” After that, you may name the firewall rule and save it.

Users who access your Minecraft server through your firewall will be granted an exemption thanks to the rule that has been preserved. However, depending on whether you select TCP or UDP, you must first repeat the steps in step 4.

Using the alternative option you choose, a whole new rule must be written. In the Outbound Rules section, you must also create the two rules. moreover, the outgoing rules section. The entire procedure is the same.

Start Your Online Minecraft Server with Friends

That’s all; your effort to construct a Minecraft server is now complete. We offer the greatest 1.18 mountain seedlings that may be the ideal setting for some well-deserved relaxation. If you haven’t given up yet, you should start searching for the top Minecraft modpacks.

Most of them have the capacity to advance your server to new heights. You might choose to employ one of them. The best Minecraft home designs for building from the ground up for your first server.

Whatever strategy you choose, the crew at our disposal is ready to assist you with any server-building needs you may have. Visit our error page or leave a comment to get in touch with us if you have any problems. There will be someone on our staff accessible to help you. You have the opportunity to set up the Minecraft Java server right away.


How do Minecraft servers work?

Two players can play Minecraft together on the multiplayer server. At, you may download the server software required to set up your own server and connect to another server. You must use the exact same version of Minecraft as the server to gain access to it.

How do you make a server on Minecraft for free?

Two Minecraft servers that can handle at least 10 people are free to host with Minehut. For permitting more than 10 users or for creating more than two servers, you can purchase credits. As an alternative, you may use your personal computer to run your own free Minecraft server. Any Minecraft version has this option.

How do you make a Minecraft server for friends?

Once Minecraft has launched, select the “Multiplayer” option. “Add Server” is to be chosen at the bottom. Under “Server Name,” enter whatever name you choose, followed by the server’s name and IP address. Then click “Done.” Once you’ve finished, you’ll be sent to your multiplayer section. It ought to list the server.






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