How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft – 2023 ๐ŸŽฒ

how to make a saddle in minecraft

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft: The truth is that you can no longer construct saddles in Minecraft. This may come as a surprise to long-time players, but the Mojang team has decided to remove this functionality.

Saddles are also abundant across the Minecraft universe. Continue reading to discover more about where to locate a suitable saddle and the finest locations.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

As previously said, you cannot design the saddle in Minecraft.

It is not a matter of having the necessary equipment or finances. It is not possible to make a recipe in Minecraft, and there is no recipe available to attempt. However, everything is not lost. There are several methods for players to acquire a horse while exploring the realm of infinite possibilities.

Generated Saddle Locations

Exploring the environment is one of the most basic ways to locate saddles in Minecraft. They are discovered in various chests. You will require patience to discover one.

Using the Minecraft saddle article from Gamepedia This is the likelihood of discovering saddles in various locations:

Java Edition

  1. Village Chest of Tanner (17.3 percent) Chest of Weaponsmith (16.2 percent), Chest in Savanna house (11.3 percent)
  2. Desert Temple โ€“ chest (23.5%)
  3. Nether Fortress Chest (35.3 percent)
  4. Dungeon โ€“ chest (28.3)
  5. Stronghold Alter chest (2.5 percent)

Bedrock Edition

  1. Village Chest of Tanner (17.3) The chest of the Weaponsmith (16.2 percent), Chest in Savannah house (11.3)
  2. Nether Fortress Chest (35.3 percent)
  3. End City End City โ€“ chest (13.3 percent)
  4. Dungeon โ€“ chest (28.3%)
  5. Jungle Temple โ€“ chest (12.8%)

The numbers indicate the likelihood of finding a saddle in various areas, although these are not the only places where saddles may be found. When searching for a new saddle, you must ensure that you clean each region and unlock all chests prior to departing. There is no way to forecast when one will come.


Fishing also affords the opportunity to catch an eagle. There is a 0.8% chance of receiving one, but you may increase your odds of discovering this “prize” by employing a fishing rod and other enchantments.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

Trading With Villagers

When hunting for the appropriate saddle, trading with the locals might be a realistic choice. If you are using the Bedrock Edition, you receive a 50% discount when purchasing a saddle from master-level leatherworkers for six emeralds.

However, if you are using Java Edition, you do not need to worry about these restrictions because the trade is always available.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

Known Saddle Drops

  • Although they don’t happen frequently in Minecraft, saddle drops can happen when specific circumstances are met. Examine the following instances of saddle drops:
  • If a zombified Biglin is born on a strider, there is an 8.5% chance the saddle will collapse. This likelihood rises as your looting level grows. Each level of looting increases your probability of acquiring the saddle by an additional 1%.
  • Any object placed on a saddle will fall off when it wears out, preventing the loss of inventory.
    Ravageurs resurrected with a saddle are also able to drop it after they die.
  • The amount of looting has no effect on drop rates in this circumstance.
    If you equip the pig with a saddle that allows you to ride it, the saddle may be lowered by pulling it down. It is not instantly restored to your inventory when you dismount the mount.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft Survival

Three alternatives are accessible to players when they are playing survival out of the many ways to obtain a saddle that was previously outlined. This comprises:

1 The pursuit of a treasure or a saddle while fishing.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

2 The search for a chest is in the Dungeon.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

3 Locating a chest inside the Nether fortress.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

It is just a question of a chance to find a spot to set up a saddle, similar to other versions of Minecraft. It’s possible that they won’t make the saddle the first time, thus you could need to go back multiple times until you have the saddle.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft 1.16/1.16.4

With Minecraft 1.16/1.16.4, it is not possible to make a saddle. However, they may be found all around the globe. The likelihood of discovering a saddle chest depends on your location on the map.

In Bedrock Edition games, Nether fortresses have the greatest drop rates at 35.3%, whereas Stronghold altar chests have just a 2.4% chance of yielding saddles.

In the game, it is also possible to find saddles as “treasures” when fishing. With no rod and no enchantments, the likelihood of a drop is extremely low, at 0.8%.


Do Villagers in Minecraft Have Saddles?

The inhabitants of Minecraft have saddles for trade. If you wish to obtain an item using this method, you must locate a master leatherworker with whom you may trade and maintain six emeralds on hand. There is a chance of receiving this trade if you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but users of the Java edition have this choice.

How Do You Make a Horse Saddle in Minecraft?

No matter what tools or materials you have in Minecraft, you cannot make a horse saddle within the game. This is not a feature of Minecraft at this time, nor is there a recipe for creating one.

You can locate them all around the globe, in a variety of chest locations, fishing places, and villages where you may trade for them. On striders, it is possible to encounter zombie piggins or ravagers. They both fall off their horses after passing away.






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