How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft – 2023 🎲

Stone is most likely the most used type of block in the game. However, Smooth Stone has also been an option from the first version of Minecraft Classic. In addition to showing you how to manufacture a furnace and smooth slabs, we’ll also show you how to make a smooth stone.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Recipe

Smooth Stone has a clear shape and is an ethereal grey color. There isn’t a Smooth Stone recipe in Minecraft, but you can create it using the following steps:

This is how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: The Smooth Stone Recipe

1. Get cobblestone first. The most well-known type of stone is cobblestone. With this kind of stone, you build furnaces. It is also the stone that may be polished to become smooth.

2. Get wood or coal. To start your furnace, you will need either wood or coal. In certain stone regions, coal is accessible. Locate the pixels-black blocks.

3. Use eight Cobblestone blocks from the crafting menu in Minecraft to build the furnace. Except for the central block, each block has to be filled. This is how the furnace is constructed.

4. Using the furnace, turn the cobblestone into stone. Utilize the coal by placing it in the bottom of the oven. Put your cobblestone on top. The flames have already begun to burn, turning the cobblestone into stone once you’ve placed them both in the furnace.

5. use the furnace to smooth out the stone. the same process again. The Stone that you first created in the furnace will be required. Smooth Stone is produced by adding coal.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Make a furnace in Minecraft Place 8 cobblestones in the pattern indicated below in the crafting menu to begin building your furnace.

The conversion ratio while melting in the furnace is 1:1, thus you only get one Smooth Stone block for every Stone block you smelt.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

After constructing a Furnace, use it to turn Cobblestone into Stone. Repeat the smelting procedure with the resulting Stone to create Smooth Stone.

How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft – Quick Video

This video demonstrates how to use Cobblestone to make a furnace, which can then be used to manufacture Stone or Smooth Stone in Minecraft. This video also demonstrates how to construct Smooth Stone Slabs.

How to make Smooth Stone Slabs in Minecraft

Here is the recipe for smooth stone slabs in case you’re interested:

1. Three Smooth Stone blocks are required.
2. You will obtain six Smooth Stone Slabs if you arrange them in a row on a crafting table.


  • When stacked on top of one another, Smooth Stone Slabs do not unite into a solid block. Instead, they are stacked to produce a double-slab pattern.
  • Smooth Stone is extracted with a pickaxe so that it can fall to the ground. Additionally, it is possible to discover Smooth Stone near buildings and communities.
  • Additionally, the Stonecutter may be used on smooth Stone and various sorts of rocky blocks.
  • As far as I can determine, though, it is no longer possible to construct Smooth Stone steps.

Please note that if you want to primarily use your furnace to smelt minerals, you should see our post on “How to Construct a Blast Furnace in Minecraft.” The Blast Furnace smelts ore twice as quickly as a standard Furnace.


When was smooth stone added to Minecraft?

Smooth Stone was added to Minecraft in beta 3.1.3 for the Java Edition. Smooth Stone is one of the oldest Minecraft blocks available. By melting stone blocks in a furnace, players may acquire Smooth Stones.

Where is a smooth stone in Minecraft?

In the upgraded savanna village and in the newly winterized tundra settlements, smooth stone has been crafted. Smooth stones can be discovered within the chests of village mason cottages. This stone may be used to construct blast furnaces.






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