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aka.ms/authapp – Download Microsoft Authenticator App

aka.ms/authapp: You may establish two-factor verification using the Microsoft Authenticator app, which you can download and install on aka.ms/authapp. Because passwords can be lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, using two-factor verification makes managing your account more safe.

Your phone is more secure thanks to two-factor authentication, making it more difficult for unauthorized users, hackers, and thieves to access your account. The Microsoft Authenticator software has a number of uses, like as

  1. Two-factor verification system: This is a standard way to verify your identity, and your password is one of the two factors. After you sign in with your username and password, you can approve or sign in by entering the verification code.
  2. Phone sign-in is another way to sign in without a password. You can use your username and a mobile device with your fingerprint, face, or PIN.
  3. Code Generation: As a code generator for any other accounts that support Microsoft Authenticator apps. Microsoft Authenticator works with accounts that support time-based one-time password (TOTP) standards and accounts that use two-factor authentication.


What is the Https Aka MS MFASetup ?

The Microsoft Authenticator application is a security upgrade for your account. When logging in with this application, you must provide at least two identifying elements or pieces of proof.

This approach permits login using a combination of two evidence or elements, such as a username and password.

(1) Something you know (password) 

(2) something you have.

Because passwords may be lost, stolen, or hacked, two-factor verification makes it possible for you to access your accounts more securely, especially while accessing sensitive information.

Two-factor verification is an additional security measure that works to safeguard your account by making it more challenging for unauthorized users to access it.

How to setup Multi-Factor Authentication for Aka.ms/mfasetup

For Multifactor Authentication, there are three possibilities for authentication.

Authentication Online


  • When you click on the button or https://aka.ms/MFASetup, you go to the Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication page.
  • Now you have to enter your email address and password and click on the login.
  • Now select any of the preferred Authentication methods.


Logging in and choosing the ‘Authentication Phone’ option from the dropdown menu will allow you to authenticate through SMS.


  • Select your country code and enter the mobile number
  • Your mobile number must be able to get text messages
  • Now click on the “Next” button
  • You will get a verification text message on your mobile number


Enter the number found in the verification message to complete the verification process

When you try to log in using this kind of authentication, you receive a text message with a verification number. To sign in, you must input this verification code in the sign-in interface.

Authentication Via Mobile Application Push/OAUTH

The following interface will be presented when the ‘Mobile App’ option is selected from the drop-down menu.


  • Now, when questioned, “How do you wish to utilize the mobile application?” Then pick the option to “Receive verification notifications”
  • Click the “Configure” button.
  • Install the Microsoft Authenticator app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) (Android)
  • Launch this program on your smartphone.
  • Click the plus icon located in the upper-right corner of the device and choose “Work or School Account.”
  • The Microsoft Authenticator program will now launch the camera on your smartphone.
  • Install your device on the computer’s QR code and scan the QR code.
  • Additionally, you may configure the device for Mobile App OAUTH.

In this option, when you try to log in, you get a pop-up notification in the authenticator app of your mobile, laptop, or tablet, 

  • If you “approve” in your device, you are allowed to log in,
  • And If you “deny” it, you have revoked that permission

Authentication Via Mobile Application OAUTH – aka.ms/authapp

The MS authenticator software generates a six-digit password that changes every 30 seconds using this mechanism. To login, you must enter this password in the sign-in interface.

This option is great if you have poor mobile coverage.

Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app – aka.ms/authapp


Download and install the most recent version of Microsoft Authenticator for your operating system:

Click Here for Microsoft Authenticator app For Apple iOS

Click Here for Microsoft Authenticator app For Android

After downloading and installing the Microsoft Authenticator app, please visit the Microsoft Authenticator app overview page for further information.

For further configuration options, see:

Text message on a mobile device: Enter your mobile device’s number to get a text code you may use to change your password or enable two-step verification.

Authenticator app::Download and use a Microsoft authenticator app to obtain a randomly generated permission code or an approval notification for a password reset. or two-step authentication

Enter your mobile device number to get a call for a password reset or two-step verification on your mobile device or at work.

Email address: To get a password reset email, enter your work or school email address. Two-step verification is not compatible with this benefit.

Security key: Register your Microsoft-compatible security key and use it to reset forgotten passwords or perform two-step authentication in conjunction with a PIN.

Security questions Respond to a few security queries that your administrator has developed for your company. This advantage is not accessible for two-step verification, just for a password reset.


How Do I Download the Microsoft Authenticator Application? If you have any issues with this Microsoft Authenticator App (authapp), please leave a remark below. I like assisting everyone. Thanks!






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